Introducing The Protect The Personal Campaign

Introducing The Protect The Personal Campaign

Got an item that you want to protect with a PingPenguin Tag? We want to hear from you! As part of our new campaign, we have been asking the public how they use their PingPenguin Tags to protect their valuables as part of our Protect The Personal campaign. Here are some of our favourites from the first part of our campaign!

A Fab Crab

For our first installation, we visited up and coming artist Harriet Gillett, whose work has already appeared in the likes of Tatler magazine and Crab, a small red plushy crab who has been alongside her the entire way!

Crab not only has a burgeoning instagram following but she has gotten into quite a few scrapes over the years. From attending Latitude to getting lost for five weeks in school, Crab has both an active lifestyle and a terrible sense of direction. As a result she needs a bit of protection from getting lost.

This is where we come in. PingPenguin Tags featuring an easy to scan QR code which takes you to a landing page with your contact details, any Good Samaritan can return your lost item to you with ease.

Now that Crab is protected, she is sure to be out for her next big adventure!

A Special Tagged Bag

Mukund’s vintage Polo bag is quite an eye-catching piece, so much so that his friends even refer to it as his ‘Madame Doubtfire’ bag! We loved how intricate the patterns are and it is in great condition. It is almost forty years old but looks brand new!

Passed down from his mum, it is a well-travelled item with real sentimental value. This is the kind of item that stays in the family for generations so it makes sense to protect it with a lovely wooden luggage tag.

Cut using a laser, we even allow customers to replicate their face using our face-builder app to create that personal touch.

If you have an item you want to protect and you want to get involved, send us a message via our contact form and we will be in touch!

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