Tagging Stolen Artefacts To Remind The British To Return Them

Tagging Stolen Artefacts To Remind The British To Return Them

PingPenguin tags are a great way to ensure the return of valuables. By providing an easy to scan QR code, any Good Samaritan who finds your item can get in touch to return it. We dream of a world where all lost and stolen items are returned to their rightful owners!

Stroll through the corridors of many British museums and unfortunately, you might not need to look very hard to find something with dubious provenance. Items including The Benin Bronzes, Parthenon Marbles, Asante Regalia and Cleopatra’s Needle are just a few notable examples of this.

The Parthenon Marbles have become particularly central to this debate. Taken with the permission of occupying Ottoman Forces by Lord Elgin, Greek officials have been eager to organise their return for a while and have now put them front and centre as part of any trade negotiations. Whilst there was hope for a return this year, Rishi Sunak has attempted to quell these rumours, stating that ‘We share their treasures with the world, and the world comes to the UK to see them.’

Securing A Tag To Return

Our business is always focused on returning items to their rightful owners and so at PingPenguin, we decided to print some return stickers and tag these monuments as a reminder as to whom these monuments actually belonged to. The QR codes on these stickers take users to a page explaining the artefacts’ history and how they came to sit in a British museum. Currently the British Museum would only wish to return these items to Greece on loan, despite having stolen them in the first place.

We believe that humour is the best way to challenge absurd bureaucracy and so we created a couple of brief videos detailing how we went about tagging The Parthenon Marbles. The response was great and we think this proves our point. That most people in the world wish to make it a fairer place, where valuable items are returned to their rightful owners.




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