Why You Should Tag your Valuables with Customisable QR Stickers

Why You Should Tag your Valuables with Customisable QR Stickers

While being careful is arguably the best way to prevent a valued item going missing, life isn’t always so simple. 

Whether it’s poorly designed pockets on your jeans, a moment of thoughtlessness or simply just bad luck, valuables have a habit of disappearing when we need them most. A 2020 study found that since 2007, Brits have lost around 98 million mobiles, or more than one per person. Almost ¾ of these were reported left on public transport, bars or restaurants or in public spaces such as parks and benches.


Yet just because we misplace an item, doesn’t mean it needs to be gone for good. We at PingPenguin believe that most of the people in any given place are typically thoughtful and kind and thus if you give people the option to return an item, by and large, they will. The issue is, most items don’t come with a return badge on them and so when we drop them, they simply have no way of finding their way back to us. We are trying to change this.

We are so confident in our product, we recently left mobile phones in public places with PingPenguin stickers and were delighted to find that around 83% of them found their way back to us. Not bad going! What we think this demonstrates is that generally speaking, contrary to popular imagination, the public are keen to ensure the fastest possible return of valuables because we sympathise with just how disruptive such a loss can be.

How Does It Work?

Our stickers, key-rings, luggage tags and iron on clothes tags work by printing out a unique QR code which, when scanned, takes you to a page that contains your contact details. This means that any Good Samaritan who comes across your possessions can easily get in contact to arrange a return. You can choose to share either an email, phone number or both. 

These tags are customisable and come in a range of sizes and designs for you to choose from. They also can be scanned as many times as you want without needing a replacement, so one label should last a long time. At PingPenguin we are against throwaway culture - hence why we are so keen to ensure that your possessions are returned.

How Much?

Our stickers and tags far more economic than buying a replacement phone, wallet or for that matter anything else! It is this excellent value that we hope can make you rest easy in public spaces knowing that you’ve made the right choice.

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